Introducing The Maine Woods, a blog about forestry news and educaiton

I grew up on the Maine coast—Scarborough, to be exact, but my family has always had a camp on Pleasant Lake in Island Falls. On the shore of those crystal waters is where I developed a passion and curiosity for the forest products industry. Today, I am a graduate of the UMFK forestry program starting my career.

Zach Lowry

Zach Lowry

My love of forestry, however, is not my only love: for as long as I can reasonably remember, I have been a ravenous consumer of the news. I love understanding what happens around me and trying to make sense of it all—to construct a working theory about how the world works. I find, to my dismay, that the forest products industry is underserved in this regard. We know when a mill goes under, and we may know when times are good or bad, but how many people in Maine have a good grasp of what is going on the woods? It is unfortunate, considering how much of our state is forested, and how much of our history is the history of the woods.

My purpose in writing this blog, then, is twofold: I hope to be able to further the general public’s understanding of the industry, but I also hope I can offer valuable insight to people already well-acquainted with the woods. My posts will be diverse. I will give market analysis, I will write about history, and I will write about invasive insects and much else but no matter what, I hope everyone will be able to gain something.

I hope all who read this blog will come away with more understanding and appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that await in the Maine woods.

Zachary Lowry

About Zachary Lowry

I am a 22 year old forestry graduate living in Fort Kent, and I am starting my new career and life in forestry working as an operations forester.